Organizational Leadership Coaching(R), LLC

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The Coaching Clinic is a two day introduction to coaching to impact the workplace culture & train leaders to use a coach approach to leadership.

The God Dreams Retreat  is a weekend experience that facilitates churches to its Horizon Vision and Strategic Initiatives.

The Core Essentials Fast Track is the first step  in 

coaching certification. This six day course prepares one for the ICF ACC.

Mentor Coaching is for those seeking ICF Certification and Internal Coaches who lead coach education and training


Legacy  Leadership  Training is for Leaders who want to master the 5 BP's and teach them to others in small groups.

The Effective Facilitator Course is a three day workshop to train leaders and facilitators to be expert presenters & project leaders. 

Conversational Intelligence is for organizations seeking to align communication that produce 5 Star Work  Cultures and creates legacy leaders.

Organizational Strategy Planning moves organizations into the future from vision development to vision accomplishment. 

 "Helping Organizations engage Great Futures successfully with compassionate care for its people." GCP

“Great leaders are driven by their compulsion for a better future. Their challenge is to do everything in their power to get other people to join together to make the future come true.”
 – Marcus Buckingham, One Thing You Need to Know. 

Organizational  Leadership Coaching (R)  is a Consulting Company specializing in Coach Training, Leader Development and Organization Alignment.  Using state of the art strategy &  methodology OLC helps organ-izations design cultures that maximize mission accomplishment while investing in human capital for workplace stability and employee longevity. Our Company's motto is "Helping Organizations Engage Great Futures Successfully with Compassionate Care for its People. " We promise to assist your organization not only with strategy  and culture shifts but will walk with you to assist in  implementation and vision accomplishment.

Dr. Gary C. Patterson, COO

The 1 Day Legacy Leadership Course is an introduction to Legacy Leadership and it's 5 Best Practices (BP). Leaders will embed the BP's daily use.