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Jeannine Sandstrom

Lee Smith

Legacy Leadership© One Day Institute

In Collins book Good to Great he points out that all the great companies he studied have level five leaders. These leaders are characterized by:

1) A Drive for sustained results: They are driven to produce sustainable results for their organizations.

2) Consistently set up successors for success: They are more interested in the success of the organization than there own personal success. They want to leave a lasting legacy of an organization that continues to prosper.

3) Are Modest: They demonstrate compelling humility and act with quite, calm determination relying on inspired standards, not inspiring charisma, to motivate.

4) Take responsibility: They stand out because they take responsibility when things go wrong.

5) Are Organization focus: They are first and foremost concerned about the organization and it’s success which outweighs their drive for personal rewards.

By looking at these characteristics one begins to gather a picture of what a Great Leader looks and acts like, but how do we get there in our leadership? The 5 Best practices of Legacy Leadership© are proven to move ones leadership and its influence on others to the next level to begin ones legacy today.

About Legacy Leadership®

Legacy Leadership® unpacks leadership behaviors based on 5 Best Practices, which are found in all great leaders. It is the wisdom of the ages structured and packaged for the new economy.  Legacy Leadership® enables you to live your legacy now, and grow the leaders of tomorrow…today.  Legacy Leadership® works, because it is directed at the core of what achieves results – the people.

Legacy Leadership® has been “in the works” for many years.  Its creators, Drs. Lee Smith and Jeannine Sandstrom, have extensive individual, corporate and organizational leadership development experience.  Over the years they have been in unique situations to observe the commonalities of successful leaders, and have now refined these reliable and time-honored principles into an intentional, powerful system for success.  Their Company (CoachWorks® International) has isolated, defined and made transferable the practices common to leaders who are able to achieve and sustain success – with people, ministries and growth.

Who is the One Day Institute for?

The Legacy Leadership® Institute is specifically targeted for:

  1. Leaders and Executives who want to rise above the mundane and reach for the extraordinary – those who want to be LEGACY Leaders®
  2. Executive coaches/consultants who develop other leaders and would like a comprehensive leadership platform
  3. Consultants/coaches who are contracted by individuals and organizations to develop leaders and take them to new heights
  4. Natural leaders who desire to be intentional, purposeful and effective leaders
  5. Retired leaders who have organizational experience and are now ready to mentor others and develop tomorrow’s leaders

Whether you are a corporate leader or someone who coaches leaders, Legacy Leadership© is a process – a life system – that will significantly change the way you lead, the way to coach others, the way you work and the way you live your life.

Five Best Practices of Legacy Leadership©:

1. Holder of visions and values. This includes the following: clarify personal and organizational values; create, speak, expand and bring into focus the vision for the organization/church; and measure all actions against the visions and values. (Picture: A leader with a globe in both hands ­ with commitment and values.) How are you personally a leader? How are you holding the vision? Do you have a clear and compelling vision? How do you model?

2. Creator of collaborative innovation. What are the key factors to have collaboration occur? They include: trust, honoring individual gifts, and adhering to intentional process.

3. Influencer of inspirational leadership. Key building blocks: be inspired and inspiring; speak and behave with integrity; and give active support to other leaders. What inspires you? How are you inspiring to others?

4. Advocator of differences. This one is the thing that is most missing in other leadership models. It involves pulling out strengths that are internal. So, what are the benefits of creating diverse teams? What is your unique gift? Key building blocks: know and embrace your own uniqueness; consistently create diverse teams; and achieve true team consensus.

5. Calibrator of accountabilities. This is about the outcome. How are you walking your talk? How do you do this every day? It involves concern for people and partnering. Key building blocks: clarify the expected outcomes; promote best efforts and adjust to meet goals; and measure actions against standards regularly. “This is getting err done”

What people are saying…

“Legacy Leadership has enabled me to consciously step into the legacy of my leadership style and walk in it daily. The 5 Best Practices serve as a template in my mind to cast vision, enable the potential in others and think thru the impact/influence of my actions.  It truly is about being not just doing.”

 Dr. G. C. Patterson, M. Div.,Th. M., D.D., PCC                        

Texas Baptist Coaching Network and Founder/Pastor - Berean Spiritual Development Complex of San Antonio, Tx. 

For more information contact:

Dr. Gary Patterson, M. Div., Th. M., D.D., PCC

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