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 Speaking Engagements - Retreats - Consultations

Two Day Marriage Enrichment Retreat

OLC offers Marriage Enrichment Retreats in a two day format.  The retreats are generally formatted on a Thursday or Friday night and concluded on Saturday just after noon.  Multiple topics have been presented over the years, however each retreat is custom designed to fit your context and needs.  Call OLC to suggest a theme or choose from a list of prepared and tested workshops/retreats. Longer marriage retreats are available upon request. 

Two Day Leadership/Team Building Retreats

Organizations do well every now and then to draw away to refresh and refocus on organizational vision and values.  The Leadership/Team-Bulding Retreat is an excellent way to engage leaders to align energy, involve new team members and fellowship along the way.  Participants emerge from these retreats reinvigorated and anxious to push into the next phase of mission and vision development.  Our team strategizes these retreats in such a way that it takes into account the present reality of the organization, its immediate and long term goals/vision and the over all strategy of its mission.  Call on us to set up a free consultation to forge a path toward your next level retreat.  Longer retreats are available upon request or per the need. 

Daily Rates Per Speaking Engagement

Our Associates and Partners can speak on an array topics.  As you perouse our inventory of consultants, facilitators and trainers you can see the vast experience among our team who are ready to speak to your group.  All our team members are skilled (20 years+) speakers with many years of experience and insight.  We promise to deliver  cutting edge keynotes with keen intellect and precisioned delivery.  Call us to explore your need and we will design the message that fits your next step movement.

Daily Consultation 

The OLC team is available to consult on a day basis for your needs.  Regardless to the need we are available to consult and facilitate any meeting, event, strategy or mediation.  Contact us to suggest a venue and we will design an innovative response.  

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